The DNA-Lifestyle company

The DNA-Lifestyle company

genomic background

Genomic Intelligence

LIFEdata inherited Suisse Life Science’s Connected Health technology that uses DNA and data from consumer devices to help people taking an active role in managing their health and lower healthcare costs.

Our goal is to transform health from an expert-driven field – with poor predictive power and large gaps in its fundamental understanding of human biology – into a data-driven predictive science that makes it easy for individuals to take a more active role in managing their health.

We help companies and institutions by providing a comprehensive nutritional, metabolic and lifestyle analysis and management program that includes nutrition intake and lifestyle monitoring, followed by a personalized nutritional, chronic disease prevention and fitness recommendations, tailored for the user, informed on their biomarkers and updated – in real-time – with life data from consumer devices (smartphones, wearables…).

Consumers are looking for more control over their health. With the advent of affordable genetic testing there are new avenues for personalized prevention and precision medicine.

But this technology is new, and we must address concerns that patients – and not a few physicians – don’t always understand what the genetic results mean, or what to do about them. Many doctors trained before the clinical implications of genetics and genomics were widely taught. Now, without burdening your organization, you can deliver personalized treatment and behavioral-health programs with a mobile AI assistant that provides genetic counseling, tailored to the user, and supports your customers 24/7.

DNA-personalized services

  • For Consumers

    DNA-profiling combined with 24/7 mobile smart-assistant technology delivers targeted lifestyle and wellness coaching.

  • For Professionals

    Actionable digital health solutions built from DNA, pre- and post- test support, peer-to-peer consultations and on-demand education.

  • For Employers

    Full-service DNA testing and coaching programs for healthier employees to reduce costs and increase productivity.

  • For Enterprises

    Automated integration of genetic interpretation services to effortlessly introduce personalization in their business.

Mobile, personalized experiences for every user. Anywhere, anytime. More value from your human experts. A better ROI.

Extract actionable recommendations from DNA

  • Genomic Intelligence
  • Living Data
  • Metabolic Intelligence

We have compiled the largest genetics panel on healthy living and age-related disease prevention for effective population-health interventions:

  • 7,500+

    interpreted biomarkers updated monthly

  • 200+

    traits assessed, including nutrition, chronic-disease prevention, stress and sleep management, wellbeing, fitness and hormone metabolism

  • Linked to real-time, actionable lifestyle recommendations vetted from a database of


    scientific publications

  • Hardware-friendly, simply plug and play!

Hardware-friendly, simply plug and play!

The process is run in a CLIA-certified, CAP-accredited US lab with Georgia, California and Florida license.!

Personalized health technology

for genomic companies or custom applications

The iDDNA® technology - after being validated through the My iDDNA proof of concept with more than 2,000 customers - is now available for enterprises and global premium brands that wants to leverage personalization from genomics and an enhanced user experience with a ready-to-market technology.

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    Integrate genetics data into your business

    Science of DNA is the only technology that allows you to deliver personalized genomic counseling support, nutritional and behavioral lifestyle coaching on demand via a digital assistant chatbot.

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    Genetic platform agnostic

    We give your users acces to the broadest genetic panel in the world — and the most comprehensive array focused only on qualitative interpretation of the root causes of aging, age-related diseases and chronic disease

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    Guiding your clients with clarity

    We provide you training on the science, the genetic testing process, how to read reports and how this relate to actionable, practical instruction to incorporate the power of DNA in their daily life.

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    Ready-to-market technology

    Without burdening yourself with building an infrastructure from the scratch, leverage our expertise, workflow, and raw data analysis engine to deliver the best-personalized care and service to your clients.

Discover what works from your DNA

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